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All jobs are emailed to NAMEC member upon being added and distributed through our social media accounts.  They are also emailed in a once-per-month update to over 5,000 medical education professionals.

Advertisements are sent to over 5,000 medical education professionals.

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Please note if you are paid member of NAMEC, simply email your job information to for it to be added. You do not need to purchase it above.

  • Advertising readers who “click” on a banner ad or other advertising link may connect to a site different from NAMEC to view additional information. Such sites may also ask visitors for additional data. NAMEC does not participate in, nor control such sites.
  • NAMEC does not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in its advertising.
  • Advertised products must be compliant with relevant regulations. NAMEC does not accept advertising for pharmaceutical or any other healthcare products that are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation.

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