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NAMEC National Association of Medical Education Companies


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NAMEC National Association of Medical Education Companies
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The Mission of NAMEC is to:

* Represent the interests of medical education companies (MECs), including advocacy for MECs and education of the professionals who work for them.
* Support the advancement of certified education as an integral part of the healthcare community in improving patient health outcomes.
* Foster increased collaboration among certified education stakeholders in a manner of mutual support, professionalism, and respect.
* Advocate, demonstrate, and support the value of certified education.

The Goals of the association are to:

* Serve as a forum for discussion of issues, challenges, and opportunities relevant to both MECs and the certified education enterprise as a whole.
* Strengthen relationships among MECs and other certified education stakeholders.
* Facilitate educational activities dedicated specifically to the needs of NAMEC members.
* Disseminate information, publish papers and issue statements that support the continuing professional activities produced by MECs.
* Represent MECs and the certified education enterprise to the media, governmental agencies, and other outside organizations.
* Direct activities that elevate the best practices of the certified education enterprise.

3416 Primm Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 824-7612

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